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Plan your trip around our coast; eat fresh seafood and produce, enjoy our one-of-a-kind attractions. Spend a day at a music festival and rest at night at any of our welcoming bed-and-breakfasts, cottages, inns or motels. Lay your head down in a room overlooking the water –  in a rustic cabin or at a working lighthouse inn!

In Summerside, the gateway to the North Cape Coastal Drive, you can enjoy daily events and musical entertainment. Visit our museums, theatres and cultural centers for stories of our region that will fascinate you.

Our itineraries were designed to ensure you make the most of your day in the North Cape Coastal Region with some of the best Genuine Coastal Experiences in Western P.E.I.

The Winding Coastal Roads

Follow the winding roads around our coast to find the quirky and unique attractions of the North Cape Coastal Drive.  You’ll see magnificent capes and beaches that run for miles and miles.  We have one-of-a-kind attractions and experiences that showcase our cultures, traditions and cuisine. We have renowned museums and iconic lighthouses as well as Acadian râpure, seaweed pie and potato fudge.  Investigate our little communities and you’ll find the hidden gems.


Along the way, as you plan your trip, you might want to catch a round of golf or two. North Cape Coastal Region has two fantastic golf courses up west that offer water features and challenging design elements that make play a pleasure.

History and Museums

Learn more about the people of the western side of the Island. Come explore the cultures that give us our unique outlook on life. Visit our interpretive centers where you’ll learn more about our shipbuilding and fox-raising heritage. Be inspired by the dazzling architecture of churches such as  Our Lady of Mont-Carmel Church,  constructed of red Island brick.

One-of-a-kind experiences

Try some hands-on adventure with one-of-a-kind experiences like lobster fishing,  or shoreline discovery adventures and studio workshops.


We have trendy restaurants and charming tea houses, French cafés that serve up patisseries and lots of family restaurants that source local seafood. Throughout the summer, you’ll see our ubiquitous dairy bars – each one claiming to offer the best soft ice cream on the Island, so come judge for yourself! Many of our restaurants, including those in Tignish, Alberton, West Point and Summerside, overlook our bustling yet peaceful harbours.   We have culinary experiences for you to try: learn to bake Acadian pâté or râpure or you can dig for clams and eat your feast right on the beach.

From cultural experiences to down-home family fun, the North Cape Coastal Region’s attractions are unique and second to none.  All you need is some time to visit, explore, relax and enjoy your adventures.

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Bishop Machine Shop Museum

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in Island history as you explore this old-fashioned machine shop with its impressive array of lathes and machine tools.

101 Water Street, Summerside

(902) 436-2947

Distance to Next Destination: .2 km

Eptek Art & Culture Centre

Discover a diverse collection of locally crafted exhibits and programs dedicated to history, science and the fine arts. The on-site boutique is stocked with a selection of Island-made crafts and artwork for visitors to take home.

130 Heather Moyse Dr., Summerside

(902) 888-8373

Distance to Next Destination: 11 km



Acadian Museum of PEI  

Follow the fascinating odyssey of Island Acadians from 1720 to the present and discover treasures related to the Acadians’ 300- year presence on Prince Edward Island.

23 Main Drive East, Miscouche

(902) 432-2880

Distance to Next Destination: 32 km

Green Park Shipbuilding Museum & Yeo House  

Explore the 1865 Victorian home of James Yeo, a famous shipbuilder once considered the wealthiest man in the colony. The museum features interpretive exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of PEI’s shipbuilding past.

360 Green Park Road, Port Hill

(902) 368-6600

Distance to Next Destination: 81 km



North Cape Complex + Wind Interpretive Centre

Get up close to impressive wind turbines and learn about wind energy at the North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre. On some days, you might even see Irish Moss being harvest the traditional way - with horse-drawn rakes.

21817 Route 12, North Cape

(902) 882-2991

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On The Way

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Be sure to stop by these picturesque locations along the way to take in the scenery and snap a quick photo.

Island Traditions Store
Stop by this shop featuring over one hundred Island artisans and watch as hand-woven baskets are crafted everyday. 
17 Sunnyside Rd., Richmond
(902) 854-3063

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Bideford Parsonage Museum
Explore the parsonage where Lucy Maud Montgomery boarded while teaching at Bideford School in 1894.
784 Bideford Rd – Route 166, Ellerslie
(902) 831-3133

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Geoff’s Bridge
See oyster fisherman tonguing for oysters in one of our pristine bays as you drive along.

Geoff’s Bridge, Cascumpec

Up for more?

Wyatt Historic House Museum
Explore this 1867 residence and discover thousands of artifacts collected and used by the Wyatt family over the course of a century.
85 Spring St., Summerside
(902) 432-1296

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Lennox Island Cultural Centre
Learn more about Lennox Island Mi’kmaq culture through murals and artifacts.
8 Eagle Feather Trail, Lennox Island
(902) 831-3109

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Alberton Museum & Genealogy Centre
Learn the history of early Alberton residents through various artifacts and photos.
457 Church St., Alberton
(902) 853-4048

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