Food Trucks

Food trucks are an up-and-coming trend as the “street food” craze has foodies looking for fresh and delicious fast foods. North Cape Coastal Drive’s biggest city, Summerside, is home to some great ones. Near Summerside’s Spinnakers’ Landing, you’ll find  extremely popular savoury or sweet crepes.

Smaller communities are also getting in on the culinary action. About 25 minutes up west of Summerside, in Springhill, you’ll find the trendy gourmet burger truck, Upwest Burger.

Food Stalls

Food stalls are a great way to showcase a wide range of fast and delicious ethnic delicacies.  Both Summerside’s Farmers’ Market and Spinnakers’ Landing, right on the waterfront, have excellent offerings from Chinese noodles to samosas, loaded waffles and Saigon Pho.

Festival Foods

We have so many Festivals and Events throughout the year. This is when you’ll see a concentration of interesting food stalls and food trucks. Many festivals are food-themed, such as the Summerside Lobster Carnival, the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival and the O’Leary Potato Blossom Festival.  This is where local and celebrity chefs alike strut their stuff and create delicious and imaginative street foods.

For a taste of local history, don’t miss the Strawberry Socials and Blueberry Socials that abound in our region. The highlight is always the delicious local in-season fruit, so you’re sure to get the best produce our region has to offer.


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