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  1. Summerside’s identity is defined by its relationship to its pristine harbour.  The city’s natural history tour, developed in celebration of 2014, is designed to engage all of the senses, through exploration of the life of the waterfront. Plan to be a part of the hands-on fascinating tour. 

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  2. Summerside was a booming ‘twenty-something’ in 1864, rising from farmers’ fields morphed into an industrious waterfront where great sailing vessels were built. Summerside’s fathers of industry are celebrated in an eye-catching exhibit that stretches tastefully along Water Street, where keels for ships were the town’s foundation.   

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  3. Summerside recreates under the big tent the Chautauqua’s of the 1920s which brought world class entertainment to Summerside. Lectures, musical performances, children’s entertainment, and night concerts covering diverse topics and genres will fill the five day program. Come early September the Summerside Chautauqua will also visit several Island communities.

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  4. Gordon Lightfoot

    May 1 - May 21

    In the music world, Gordon Lightfoot may very well be the idol of icons. When listening to a Lightfoot recording, Bob Dylan "doesn't want the song to end", and can't think of any of his songs he doesn't like. Daniel Lanois loves everything about him. Jimmy Buffet admits healways tries to write songs like him. But rather than bask in the adulation he so clearly inspires, the musical legend continues to work harder than ever. Currently marking five decades of touring and counting, Gordon Lightfoot will once again invite fans to be a part of his legacy when he embarks on his 2014 Canadian Tour.

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Bienvenue au Circuit côtier North Cape

Le Circuit côtier North Cape vous offre certaines des meilleures vues panoramiques de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. C’est un lieu pittoresque où les buttes vertes roulantes s’adonnent sur des falaises rouges et abruptes, où des petits chemins de terre sinueux vous amènent à des plages sablonneuses isolées. On y produit également les huîtres de classe mondiale qui nous ont permis d’acquérir le titre de Côte canadienne des huîtres.