Shellfish Foragers Beachwalk & Picnic - PEI Coastal Tours and Experiences
PEI COASTAL TOURS EXPERIENCES CLOSED FOR YEAR?   This is a shellfish taster's delight! John takes a conservationist’s approach to the exploration of the shellfish found along Prince Edward Island’s famous Malpeque Bay. Much of the shellfish fishery is turning to “sustainable” fishing as is the case for oysters and mussels, yet some shellfish such as clams need conservation measures to sustain their very existence. Just off the beach in the water are mussel- and oyster-growing farms for easy viewing. John will bring along a feast of oysters that can be steamed up after the beach walk. You will find 3 kinds of clams: the white “softshell” clam, the razor clam and the quahog. Each of us will only take a few clams of each type for our picnic. The exploration will be topped off with a steamed oyster and clam picnic, adding your clams to the pot (along with some fresh and delicious raw oysters... if you dare!), fresh rolls and blueberry pie.   Another amazing experience by PEI Coastal Tours and Experiences.