Taste the Coast

Whether your preference is for oysters, lobster, mussels, fresh fish, Island potatoes, Acadian fare or something as seemingly far-fetched as delicious seaweed pie, the kitchens of the North Cape Coastal Drive deliver fresh local culinary tastes in abundance.

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618 Water St., Summerside

441 Church St., Alberton

180 Mill River Resort Rd.

195 Heather Moyse Dr., Summerside

150 Heather Moyse Dr.

511 Notre Dame St., Summerside

180 Mill River Resort Rd.

12 Cedar St., Summerside

370 Water St., Summerside

198 Heather Moyse Dr.
Summerside, PE

1745 Route 11

110 Water St.

159 Cedar Dunes Rd.
West Point

1327 Port Hill Station Rd.
Tyne Valley

296 Route 152 (End of Main St. Alberton)
Northport, PEI


1 Dewar Lane, O’Leary

6980-A Route 12, Tyne Valley

1745 Route 11

12 Redwood Ave., Slemon Park

80 All Weather Highway (Route 2)

1745 Route 124

221 Water St., Summerside

480 Main St., Alberton

32 Allen Rd.
Tyne Valley, PE

21817 Rte. 12, North Cape

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