About Us

As you travel, you may notice something about the people living in the North Cape Coastal Region.  Maybe a quick stop to buy something ends up in a half-hour conversation with the person behind the counter. Two cars will pause in the road so greetings and conversation can happen. Possibly you’ll see a line of cars on the highway waiting – patiently – for a huge piece of farming equipment to drive down the road.

We take time.  

In communities where everyone knows everyone, folks will look you in the eyes and greet you as you pass on the street. Your waiter will regale you with stories of the area and give you some insiders tips on where to buy the freshest lobster. Locals will eagerly give you directions to their favorite secluded secret beach. If you pause to look at a map, someone will offer to show you the way, and folks who break down on the side of the road will get help!

What We Look Like

Prince Edward Island is well known for its coastal and pastoral beauty. We are “The Gentle Island” and we are the home of Anne of Green Gables. Truth is we are all that – and more.

We are First Nations Mi’kmaq, Acadian and Celtic. We are changing. The mosaic of cultures on Prince Edward Island is expanding to include African, Asian and South American flavours and traditions. Our farmers’ markets are wonderful sources of local and traditional Island produce; now they are enriched with the scents of new spices. Island chefs are creating exciting fusions of local products with exotic ingredients and cooking techniques to come up with delicious new cuisines.

Prince Edward Island’s permanent population is just about 150,000 people. We have two cities, a few towns and a rural landscape sprinkled with coastal villages. We hope you take the time to come visit us where we live – discover our coastal communities, each defined by the sea and soil. Listen to the stories of our Mi’kmaq, Acadian and Celtic heritages and participate in our celebrations: ceilidhs, festivals and pow wows alike.

This is our hope for you. Come. Discover. Enjoy. Take time.

Make the most of your visit with our itineraries! GO!