Coastal Stories

Bonjour!  Welcome!  Pjla’si!

Islander’s lives are rich and rustic. In these coastal stories we’ve chosen just a small selection of the inspiring Islanders in our region to give you a taste of the characters – oh and we do mean characters – that you might meet when you come to visit.

Coastal Stories is a documentary series about the people, places and themes that make western Prince Edward Island unique. These stories transport you into the  lives of some inspiring Islanders.  You’ll meet weather-beaten fishermen, and a new generation of oyster fishers.  You’ll get a peek into our diverse cultures. The proud Mi’kmaq heritage is celebrated here, and we invite you to join the celebration.  Equally we enjoy the lively and musical traditions passed down through the Acadian and Celtic cultures of this Island.

Our stories run the gamut from light-house keepers, to far flung lovers. We have Acadian music-writing mamans, family farming entrepreneurs and innovative chefs. Delve into the stories of these folks, and the newcomers who have fallen in love with our Island, and who are adding such richness and diversity to our story.

We hope these stories inspire you to explore off the beaten path and to enjoy the people and scenery of this colorful and charming region of our gentle Island. The Coastal Stories series is about us. These are our friends and neighbours, the people and places that make Western Prince Edward Island so special. Come join us and make some of your own memorable stories here on the North Cape Coastal Drive.


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