Coffee Houses

The North Cape Coastal Drive offers a nice diversity of coffee houses – and tea houses – for every taste. Besides the ubiquitous Canadian coffee chains, we also have some unique local cafes that pride themselves on fixing up a great cup of joe.

Summerside features everything from drive-through coffee huts to urban hipster joints. You can even get refreshment at a charming barber shop – coffee and a cut?

Great coffee isn’t to be found only in the bigger city or towns; you will love the tiny shop that serves up hand-pressed cappuccinos. Visit a European-style cafe that specializes in home-made French pastries.  You’ll find these little treasures out in the rural towns and villages.

You can also get great fresh sandwiches and desserts at many of these bistro-style restaurants. The local population knows where to go for a fast and fresh soup or sandwich, and a good cup of coffee – you’ll see the old fellas swapping tall tales over a coffee in the mornings – and they are fiercely loyal to their local joints.

A little exploration is all it takes to find some really fine baristas and a neighbourhood coffee house you can call your own.

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