Cape Egmont Lighthouse

Cape Egmont Lighthouse

The Cape Egmont Lighthouse is an active lighthouse that was built in 1884. It is a square pyramidal tower 12.4m (40 feet) high. It had an attached dwelling that was removed in 1958. Severe erosion caused the lighthouse to be moved a short distance inland in April 2000, closer to the tall telecommunications tower and associated building.

It overlooks Fishing Cove Harbour, and as the only coastal light on the 46-mile coast between the lighthouses at West Point and Seacow Head, it is important for fishing and marine interests along the South shore.

Just East of the lighthouse, alongside Route 11, you can visit the popular and fascinating Bottle Houses , which were built by a former lighthouse keeper. Edward Arsenault tended the lighthouse from 1950-1958. He and his wife had two daughters, Réjeanne and Yvette, who spent the first few years of their lives living at the lighthouse. During Edward’s retirement, he built the first bottle house a couple of kilometres from the lighthouse in 1980. After his passing, his daughter Réjeanne operated the Bottle Houses until the fall of 2017.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse was recognized as a heritage place under the Prince Edward Island Heritage Places Protection Act on October 3, 2012.

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