Coastal Tours with Waypoint ’04 Deep Sea Fishing and Marine Adventures

If you enjoy sailing, the WayPoint 04 can give you an opportunity to view the beautiful northwestern end of the Island from a different view. Sail to the north to view one of the longest natural reefs in the world, which at the time will be inhabited by seals. Children will enjoy this adventure! If anyone gets hungry, there is a barbecue on board and if available, we’ll serve tasty Island-cultivated mussels. Also when heading towards our destination, WayPoint will steer towards a depth where for the last several summers Minke whales feed on schools of herring. And one of the most amazing birds you will ever see, gannets, dive from heights of 80 feet to depths of 40 feet for mackerel or herring.

Another unique experience with Waypoint ’04 Deep Sea Fishing and Marine Adventures.