Tuna Hook and Release with Waypoint ’04 Deep Sea Fishing and Marine Adventures

If you are a true angler at heart, you will not be disappointed. Way Point 04 is offering a hook and release fishery. In the last 6 years, our hook up rate averaged 80-90%. Fish will range in size from 500 pounds to 1,200 pounds, round weight. When the rod goes off, the adrenaline gets a-pumping. The two main areas where we will be fishing are what the locals call Macleod’s Ledge and the High Bottom. Both areas are where herring go to do their spawning and the giant Bluefin tuna go to fatten up. The fish show up in early August and leave by mid-October. Tignish has become the hottest tuna fishing area in the Maritimes.

Another unique experience with Waypoint ’04 Deep Sea Fishing and Marine Adventures.