Harbourfront Theatre

This cozy and elegant 520-seat professional harbourfront theatre celebrates the culture of our region through live theatrical and musical presentations all year long. 

Throughout the summer, join us for theatre tours by donation each Tuesday and Thursday to learn about the history of Harbourfront and of theatre in general. Visit Harbourfront’s website for a complete schedule of upcoming events.

It began with a group of Summerside citizens who had a vision to create a state of the art performing arts facility for Prince County. Years of tireless planning and fundraising ensued.  A lot has happened since that first idea took root, 30 plus years ago, that Summerside should have its own performing arts facility. Harbourfront Theatre has woven a rich history of arts and entertainment into the community and has much to look back on and be proud of over the last two decades. Looking ahead there are so many experiences yet to be had, so much untapped talent just around the corner, and so many artists, emerging and renowned across this country and beyond to yet invite to the stage. In many ways, the Island’s “biggest little theatre” is just getting started. Hop on for the ride. If the last 20 years are any indication, the next 20 will be lot of fun.