Indian Art & Craft of North America

The Indian Art & Craft store makes its home on the peaceful shores of famous Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward island.  The “Craft Store”, as the locals know it, opened its doors over 35 years ago.  Since its inception, the Craft Store has been owned and operated by the Sark family. Elder Raymond Sark, now deceased, opened the store as a place for local basket artisans to sell their wares. The store grew to incorporate arts and crafts from across North, Central and South America.  You can read about the history of Ray’s involvement in the arts community in a book that was published; it spotlights his collection of ash splint baskets.

The store still features local ash splint baskets, beaded jewellery, ceramic figurines and pottery. A wide selection of moccasins, books, music and carvings are also featured.