Stompin’ Tom Dinner Theatre

My Island Home: A Stompin’ Tom Story

Written by Erin Dunn-Keefe featuring talented local entertainers and meal show casing PEI culinary delights with a local flare!

Playwright, Erin Dunn-Keefe, a native of Alberton, is no stranger to theatre in Tignish as the writer of the successful dinner theatres , which had been running at Gunners Pub since 1999.

Dunn-Keefe found Tom’s life story compelling. “At times, I was laughing to split a gut, while other times I had to put down the research to have a little cry. I cannot think of a more inspirational Canadian hero than Stompin’ Tom”.

A comedy writer and teacher, she found that Connors had many strong messages for young people that resonate today. He really believed in hard work and following your heart. Because of his tough life, he had grit and resilience, but he also had a strong message for our youth: never give up. This message, along with a lot of his stories and many of his most well known songs, is an integral part of the show.

“It was an honour to write about this Canadian legend and his PEI home.”