Acadian Musical Village

The Acadian Musical Village includes La Grange à Ti-Manuel, a small outdoor stage, an art gallery and a lovely outdoor terrace.  Every year, the Acadian Musical Village organizes several musical activities, including its ever-popular summer dinner-theatre show.

Check our events for more information for the Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival that runs from August 29th to September 2nd.

In addition, the Centre Expo-Festival, established in 1998, includes a beautiful visitor center, a gift shop and exhibits on the late singer Angèle Arsenault. In addition there is a restaurant, Resto-Bar La Trappe, and  La Galette blanche Acadian bakery on site.

Since its opening, the Centre Expo-Festival has organized activities of all kinds for the community. In 2000, a related multi-purpose center and a campground for recreational vehicles were added to the facility. 




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