Fresh and Local

If you like your food fresh as fresh can be, you’ll love to pick up the produce for your next meal at our farmers’ markets, U-pick orchards and roadside stands. Now that’s farm-to-table fare.

The rolling fields of North Cape Coastal Drive are a patchwork quilt of cultivated grains, potatoes and orchards. We farm wheat and rye, apples and blueberries and the ubiquitous potato – and so much more.

Farmers’ Markets

The popular Summerside Farmers’ Market is in the basement of the Holman Center. It features exposed stone walls, lines of stalls with fresh produce and has an old-timey European charm. It is the place to go for local produce in the area.

There is a new farmers’ market slated to open in 2018 on Water Street, just outside of the center of town in Summerside.

Boutique farming is emerging to meet the demand for local organic produce. When you visit here, you’ll see that our farmers’ markets are bustling. Our farmers’ markets present the perfect opportunity to enjoy organic fruits and vegetables, and humanely raised Island beef, pork, eggs and poultry.

Roadside Stands

Some of our smaller farmers have their own market stalls right at the entrance to their farms.  Compton’s is just outside of Summerside; as well as all sorts of vegetables, they offer delicious strawberries in season. Webb’s Vegetables up in O’Leary sell a wide range of vegetables all season long.

The Doctor’s Inn in Tyne Valley sells organic vegetables and eggs. As a special treat you can buy peaches off their vast peach tree in early June. This marvelous tree is kept warm all year long in a wood-stove heated greenhouse. Be sure to visit!

As you are touring our back roads, you’re sure to come across many honour-system road side stalls where you can buy everything from new potatoes, to apples, eggs and honey.


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