Tignish Run Lighthouse
Tignish Run Lighthouse, also called Big Tignish and Jude's Point by the locals, is located within a small seaside park. It’s a great spot for families as the park is equipped with a canteen, washrooms and playground equipment. The lighthouse had fallen into disrepair until 2009 when the Tignish Shore Community Improvement Committee relocated it to Fishermen’s Haven Park and refurbished it as a memorial to area fishermen lost at sea. Also known as Big Tignish or Jude’s Point Lighthouse, the tower is open seasonally.


In 1877, vessels were guided into the harbour by two fixed beacons atop masts, which were discontinued when Henry Williams built the lighthouse in 1880. A local senior recalls that as a girl, one of the keepers lived close to the present location of the lighthouse. Sometimes he would take her and some other youngsters with him when he rowed across the Run in the evening to light the lantern. He would return in the morning to extinguish the oil lamp. It was electrified in 1954. Operating as a back range light until 1989, it was then converted to a coastal lighthouse and decommissioned in 1997.