Indian Head Lighthouse
The Indian Head Lighthouse has one of the most unique shapes of any Prince Edward Island Lighthouse. It is completely octagonal, from the concrete base to the lantern. The keeper's dwelling is at the base, and a tower and lantern rise from the centre of the dwelling's roof. The dwelling has 12' sides and an inside diameter of 26.5'. The tower has sides 5' wide with an inside diameter of 10'. There is a wooden railing at both the gallery and dwelling level. The railing is designed with basic upright post with cross braces in between. The roof of the dwelling and the lantern are both painted red. The lantern deck is surrounded by a wooden decorative cornice, and a beautiful cross-braced railing around the lantern. The windows on the dwelling level are protected by metal grills and there is a metal door. Four sides of the tower have two sets of windows. On each side, the upper level windows are tall and narrow, and the lower level of the tower has shorter windows. When you reach this site at low tide the metal ramp up to the lighthouse is hard to reach. Most of the planks that lead to the ramp have been washed away.