Lennox Island Mi’kmaq First Nation

Lennox Island is a must-visit community of the North Cape Coastal Region of Prince Edward Island.  Lennox Island Mi’Kmaq First Nation is a community with a thriving culture and proud past. Archaeological evidence and oral traditions indicate the presence of First Nation ancestors on the shores of Malpeque Bay as far back as 10,000 years ago.

A welcome from Chief Matilda Ramjattan:

“Our vistas are breathtaking. Our people are genuine and friendly.  Our community is always open to friends new and old… I encourage you to experience Lennox Island and all that we have to offer. You will be glad you did.”

Come visit the Eco Tourism Centre and share the unique Mi’kmaq experience.  Stop in and learn more about Mi’kmaq history at the Cultural Centre and try some traditional Mi’kmaq food.  Weave your own basket or learn how to do quill work with porcupine spines.  Visit with the elders and listen as they share the stories and legends of the proud culture.

Take a walk through winding littoral woods on the “Path of Our Forefathers” trails.  The trail passes the former homesteads of significant historical figures, including Joe Tuplin and Danny and Matilda Lewis –former elders in the community – and Lem and Madeline Labobe, who were known for their traditional medicines.  There is evidence that if it hadn’t been for the knowledge and help of the First Nations people of PEI, the new settlers from Europe would have had a much harder time surviving their first few difficult years.  There is a story of the healer Madeline Labobe, who used the antiseptic and other medicinal properties of local flora to save a European man with a badly infected leg.

Lennox Island’s rich history ensures these trails are full of highlights reflecting its most significant moments, culture, people and ecology.

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