GROW THE COAST Visitation Information and Tourism Assets Summary Based on Feedback Received (February 2018)

Please click the above link to view Grow The Coast’s potential strategic direction and feedback to date! If you attended the January Community Sessions thank you so much for your participation so far! If you are new to Grow The Coast please check out to other posts for more information! Regardless of your familiarity with Grow The Coast we hope you’ll join us on February 21 from 6:00 to 9:30 at Mill River Experience and participate in the next step of the process.

Below is a message from our wonderful Chair, Jeannita Bernard!


Once again, many thanks to those who attended the Grow the Coast sessions in Mill River, Summerside and Abrams Village, and to those who provided responses to the survey .

We are now gearing up for more discussion based on the feedback that you provided which is provided in the above link…as a matter of fact , it is pretty important that you review these slides before our next session which is  scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm, at Mill River Experience.

We see the beginnings of  evolving directions for our ‘plan’ and it’s staring to get exciting! So make sure you come to the session in Mill River. You can register at and don’t forget to spread the word; the more people we have involved in building this, the more we increase our chances of success!!!

Merci énormément de votre contribution dans l’initiative Grow the Coast. On vous invite à venir continuer la discussion à la session de la semaine prochaine à Mill River ,

On se verra là,

We`ll see you there,