Seafood Markets

Are you looking for seafood fished fresh from our Atlantic waters? Our seafood markets and harbours can offer you the very freshest bounty from fish, lobsters, oysters and clams.

Summerside boasts a wonderful waterfront where you can watch fishing boats come home with the daily catch, eat seafood right by the water and buy local seafood too. The seafood markets, located on Heather Moyse Drive in Summerside, are where you’ll experience knowledgeable and friendly service from folks in the fishing industry.

Fresh off the Wharf

One of the best ways to get your seafood fix is by buying right from the fishermen. The authentic experience of visiting our harbours and chatting with the fishermen as they come off their boats is a memory you won’t soon forget. Oysters and lobsters are simple to buy, and you can’t beat the freshness and great price when you buy direct from the local fishermen.

Buying Oysters

Oysters especially are easy to buy right off the wharf, as are quahaugs and soft/hard shell clams. Take a short trip “up west” to buy your oysters direct from the growers.

Burleigh Brothers’ is located down Bideford Road on renowned Malpeque Bay. Burleigh Brothers oysters are called “Uncle Willy’s” and their beds are located on the Malpeque Bay in East Bideford. They date back to a crown grant from Queen Victoria of England circa 1860.

Five Star Shellfish on Milligan’s is on the wharf at the beautiful Conway Narrows area of Prince County.  They offer a wonderful selection of oysters with evocative names like Gooseberry Bay, Freeland Creek, BlackBerry Point and Conway Cups.


Here are a few tips to help you buy and keep your oysters their freshest. When buying oysters, the Choice oyster is easiest to open and best-looking with a rounded shape. Standard oysters are a little cheaper, but they have a thinner, longer shell and are harder to open. Live oysters need to breathe, so never store in airtight container. Cover oysters with a clean wet towel in refrigerator so their shells don’t dry out. Eat oysters within three days to ensure their freshness.

Just go in and ask for a box of “Choice” oysters. You can’t beat freshness and the price!

Buying Lobster

For an extra special treat and a little bit of an adventure, how about buying lobster right off the boat in season?  Spring and fall, our harbours welcome the fishermen in and they are more than happy to sell directly to you – if you can catch them before they weigh and pack up all their catch.

In the spring, lobster is in season on the North Shore in May and June. You can buy lobster all along our harbours and wharfs. In late August and September, you can find lobster wharves along the South side of the Island. You’ll have to do a little research and find out the times they pull in, but the adventure is well worth it as the lobster you get will be so fresh and less expensive than from the grocery store!


Once you get your lobsters home, don’t put them in water – that will kill them.  To keep them fresh until you’re ready to cook them, simply place the lobsters in the fridge, near the back, where the refrigerator is coldest, in a large bowl or roasting pan covered with damp cloth or packed with damp newspaper.


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